Circle Wallpaper

If you're looking for a circular or circular-themed wallpaper, you have a few options to find or create one:

### Online Wallpaper Websites:

1. **WallpaperHub:**
- Visit [WallpaperHub](
- Use the search bar to look for circular or geometric wallpapers.
- Download the wallpaper you like.

2. **Unsplash:**
- Go to [Unsplash](
- Use the search function and enter keywords like "circle" or "geometric."
- Browse through the results and download your chosen wallpaper.

3. **Wallhaven:**
- Explore [Wallhaven](
- Use the search filters to specify your preferences, such as resolution and keywords.
- Find a circular wallpaper and download it.

### Wallpaper Apps:

1. **Zedge:**
- Download the Zedge app from your device's app store.
- Search for "circle wallpaper" within the app.
- Browse through the results and set the desired wallpaper.

2. **Backgrounds HD:**
- Install Backgrounds HD from your app store.
- Search for circular or geometric wallpapers.
- Download and set the wallpaper directly from the app.

### Create Your Own:

If you prefer a custom circle wallpaper, you can create one using graphic design software:

1. **Use Graphic Design Software:**
- Programs like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP (free alternative), or Canva (web-based) allow you to create custom wallpapers.
- Start with a blank canvas and design a circular pattern or place circular elements.
- Adjust colors, gradients, and other elements to suit your preferences.

2. **Online Generators:**
- Explore online graphic design platforms or wallpaper generators that allow you to customize wallpapers with circles or geometric shapes.

Remember to respect copyright and licensing agreements when using or creating wallpapers, especially if you plan to share or distribute them.